Updating the internet

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This change shouldn't be a surprise: Microsoft first announced the cutoff was coming back in August 2014.Still, the shift will have a major impact on Internet users: By some estimates that means hundreds of millions of users will need to upgrade or be left at greater digital risk."Regular security updates help protect computers from malicious attacks, so upgrading and staying current is important," Microsoft says on a web page about the change.

Open it by clicking the Start button and selecting “Settings” at the bottom-left corner of the Start menu.You can continue to use peer-to-peer updates on your local network, but you may not want to waste upload bandwidth to help reduce Microsoft’s bandwidth bills.This is especially true if you have data caps on your Internet connection.Windows 10 includes a new peer-to-peer download feature for updates and Windows Store apps.By default, Windows will automatically use your PC’s Internet connection to upload updates, hiding the option to disable this five clicks deep in the operating system.

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