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About a week ago, I was standing in line at one of the tween/teen clothing shops at the mall with my daughter.The mom behind me and her young son started squabbling as the little guy became increasingly worked up over the long line and started squirming and whining that he wanted to leave.The sadness on the little boy's face and his humiliation were palpable, and as his tears kept flowing, she resumed meting out her punishment.My daughter and I talked about our disturbing feelings the entire way home.

Most parents resort to punishment to prevent the repetition of such actions.

It was Sunday afternoon, the best time you’ll want to find yourself here.

Not that there’s really ever a bad time to stumble into Chat ‘n’ Chill.

His mom kept demanding, "Stop it." Suddenly, the palm of her hand exploded against his backside — not once, but in rapid-fire motion, eliciting a burst of tears that turned into all-out wails.

My daughter and I were horrified, as it appeared almost everyone in line appeared to be too.

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