Octagon girls dating fighters

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"And her being ring card girl helps her promote her art.

If you're working at Hooters because you're trying to pay your way through medical school, then f*ckin' work it girl. But don't think you're hot sh*t just because you work at Hooters.

The Octagon Girls are wildly popular with fight fans, male and female, and they attract as much attention as the fighters. I’m naturally a shy person, so it was kind of hard. Also see: Rampage In the ring with Quinton Jackson: a profile of an ultimate fighter. Interview: Heart of a Samurai David Samuels talks about spending time with one of Ultimate Fighting's most vicious, and haunted, practitioners. Interview: BJ Penn David Samuels interviews Ultimate Fighting Champion BJ Penn. And there’s a lot of Brazilian people in this business and stuff, so I think it would be cool to know that. You know, to be honest with you, I was completely clueless when I got into this business, of what it really took to be an MMA fighter.

These days Amber is a spokesmodel for XYIENCE, and amongst other things presents their Tap Into MMA’ show as well as appearing in a couple of their commercials.

Arianny grew up in Las Vegas, and now lives in Los Angeles, where she is pursuing a career in the entertainment business. And then I actually get into this business, and I see how much of a science it is.

David Samuels interviewed her in her dressing room before Rampage Jackson’s last fight. I started modeling when I was 16, and I happened to go to a casting for a ring card girl. They watch every little thing they put into their diet.

Use it to further yourself in life; don't think that you're awesome just because you do that.

Arianny Celeste is one of the UFC’s two “Octagon Girls” who stroll around in red bikinis carrying ring-cards before each round of every UFC fight. A lot of people try to get ready for bikini season. I’m not supposed to be biased, and I’m not supposed to say it, but of course I will. But I’d like to learn Italian and Portuguese, because I heard they’re like the easiest ones to learn if you know Spanish already.

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