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WE as people and actors have grown up so much in the meantime.

But its written like I have an agenda, but the problem is they write me with an agenda, but I don’t know what that agenda is, or why I am acting the way I am acting, so I am just creating these truths to myself. I hope they write more stuff for us because Ariane Zuker (Nicole) and I are such good friends. We laugh so hard because it’s so hard for us to be mean for each other. When we are out and there are fans around and they are like, “Wait a minute.”(She laughs) I don’t know how to explain our transition since then. I don’t know where it’s going, and I was reading scenes last week, and I had scenes last year with Shawn saying, “I can’t wait to have babies’ and this coming week, I tape a scene with Ali Sweeney ( Sami) where I am holding her baby, and I go, “Yuck! Sometimes, it’s hard to justify what you are saying, but that’s my job to make it work.

When you guys hang out together, I assume it would be fun being now on two different soaps. The set-up for this is: we go away for this romantic getaway to this cabin with Lucas. It’s hard for me to say where the character is going these days.

The relationship hit a snag when she falsely accused him of rape, and another snag when he dumped her after nude photos of her appeared at the Last Blast dance.

TV SOAP: But was it odd to you that Phillip and Chloe were paired together?

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