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An Upper Hutt woman is accused of seducing a 14-year-old boy, the son of her lesbian lover.

She says he raped her, and that police did nothing except charge her with having sex with the underage boy.

Several Pink News readers in the UK have reported conversations with what they thought were real guys, only to realise that they were bots.I know that I am property, you are a human.master race and owner.Your pleasure is the purpose of my life, even at the cost of my own.He told Pink News: “It’s not a natural conversation flow – so it seems supicious but equally it its convincing enough to be real.” One Twitter user questioned why, if trying to convince Grindr users a bot was a real man, would they name him Herbert.The reader, who wished to remain anonymous, said he had received the same set of messages more than once, and that he realised he was not speaking to a real person when he began receiving responses not lining up with what he said.

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