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He said some schools are already practicing some of the guidelines spelled out in the proposed policy.

Kim Phillips-Knope, a special projects consultant for the Michigan Department of Education, said she has been working since December with a diverse group that includes parents, students, teachers and lawyers to develop the guidelines and a related position statement.

The guidelines (seven pages worth) were put together at the end of February but weren’t readily visible on the Michigan Department of Education’s website, nor did the department send out a press release.

Now that the word has gotten out, parents and other concerned citizens are making their voices heard.

John Austin, president of the board, has been vocal about what he says is the need for schools to be welcoming to LGBTQ students and to shed the kind of harassment that can leave students feeling shunned."The guidance we're promoting will underscore the imperative to create a supportive learning environment for all young people," Austin said.

If the state doesn't act, he said, it risks losing students.

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This is "vogue," a modeling-inspired dance style named after the magazine and a term popularized in the mainstream public by Madonna's 1990 hit of the same name.

Schools increasingly are being confronted with the needs of LGBTQ students.

And increasingly, those needs are raising sensitive issues.

The Ruth Ellis Center in Highland Park is an outreach organization and meeting place for the LGBTQ (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) community in Wayne County.

Eache Monday and Wednesday visitors let loose with a freestyle dance style called "Vogueing." HIGHLAND PARK, MI - It's Wednesday evening. It'll soon be time to "vogue." From the exterior of the Ruth Ellis Drop-in Center, a beige, two-story building on Victor Street in Highland Park, just a stone's throw from a large industrial warehouse, unless you are part of the Detroit-area gay/transgender scene, you wouldn't have a clue what's about to happen inside.

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